The Matrix rower – How to perfect your stroke

Our sleek rower offers the ultimate in low-impact, full-body workouts. Its smart design features a compact build, whisper-quiet operation, a smoother stroke, easy program adjustment and 10 precise magnetic resistance levels. A variety of specifically developed programming makes it easy to integrate our rower into your facility and help a wide range of fitness enthusiasts reach their goals.

Matrix Master Trainer, Matt Gleed gives his tips on using the rower:

‘The rowing stroke in indoor rowing is fairly easy to do but can be hard to master. Gym goers all over the world love the cardiovascular benefits and without high impact load, it means it is a ‘go to’ piece of equipment for many.

Two of the main areas of good technique in using the Rower are ‘the drive’ and ‘the return’.

To be efficient, follow these coaching cues;

  • Start the drive by pressing your legs into the footplates. Then, with your back vertical, finally add the arm pull.
  • Hands move in a straight line to and from the same point, which makes the stroke more efficient.
  • Shoulders remain low and relaxed into a finish position, where you will be slightly leaning back. The bar will be at the bottom of the ribs and wrists straight.

The Return is the next stage;

  • Extend your arms until they are straightened, before leaning from the hips.
  • Once your hands have gone passed your knees, allow your knees to bend and slide forward.

I always encourage an increase in power rather than speed as the form will last for longer and you actually maximise power and resistance from the force produced.

Remember, big, strong strokes are more effective than lots of little ones.

Encourage people to breathe out when they are pulling the handle and moving backwards. This will encourage diaphragmatic breathing, which will also engage more core muscles.
When the athlete is finding it tough, try and maintain your eyes looking at the rowing display as this will maintain posture and help keep airway open.
For more information on how to use the rower click here.