Sally Gunnell OBE shares her top tips for training

Sally Gunnell remains one of the nation’s favourite female sports stars and remains the only woman ever to hold all four major track titles (Olympic, World, Commonwealth, European) concurrently.

Her journey from a rural Essex farm to Olympic Gold in Barcelona’s 400m hurdles continues to capture the UK’s imagination. World record track performances have given way to a business career that has been no less successful; she is an established motivational speaker, healthy living ambassador, corporate wellbeing, television personality and also currently sits on the board for Sport England. No wonder Matrix Fitness love having her as an ambassador.

Here she supplies us with her top 5 training tips:

  1. Bring variety to your training.  I do gym work, run sessions / Pilates
  2. Occasionally train early in the day on an empty stomach.  It increases the amount of calories burnt. (This should not be done all the time!)
  3. Introduce tempo work into your running.  This will help increase performance. For example on a normal run, the 1st 20% of the run, run at normal pace. The next 20%, increase the speed by 20%.  Then back to normal pace of 20% and so on and so on!
  4. Introduce a ‘Reformer’ Pilates class.  I find this has really helped my back.
  5. As we get older, our muscles shrink and we lose muscle mass.  It is important to continue with weight sessions to prevent/slow this process down.

Sally Gunnell OBE:

Athletics career

Major honours:

1992   400m Hurdles, Olympic Gold medal

1993   400m Hurdles, World Championship Gold medal, new World Record

1994   400m Hurdles, European Championship Gold Medal

1986, 1990, 1994 Commonwealth Games Gold Medals

Sally is a regular guest on shows across the major media networks and has enjoyed a varied and successful TV career. Much of her work has been in sport, but she has also worked on a number of health and well-being productions.

A complete narrative biography can be found on her website: www.sallygunnell.com

Contact Sally’s team now for more information on how to book her. Call 01903 815510 or email Vicky@sallygunnell.com.