Matrix S-Force HIIT Protocols improve athletic acceleration

S-Force HIIT Protocols

Matrix S-Force HIIT Protocols execute mission-critical objectives necessary to improve athletic acceleration in sprint-running sports.

This is the first of  our HIIT and speed workout protocols we want to share with you. Designed specifically with the S-Force Performance Trainer in mind, our high-intensity interval training protocols combine our exclusive Sprint 8 program with a variety of interval lengths and HIIT ladders to push your athletes to their absolute limits.

Count on these intense protocols to trigger the release of natural human growth hormone, helping your athletes burn fat and build muscle in a way that gives them a real performance edge. Combine these protocols with a range of strength training exercises to maximise the benefits of this hormone release and help your athletes reach their ultimate physical potential.

The improvement in athletic performance occurs in several ways:

  1. The protocols directly reprogram the brain and nervous system to recruit the fast-twitch muscle fibre necessary for speed improvement.
  2. By recruiting more fast-twitch muscle fibre through correct body positioning and perfected mechanics during sprinting reps, athletes create maximum micro-trauma in the fast-twitch muscle fibre, resulting in a superior adaptation to the training.
  3. Recruiting the maximum amount of muscle fibre during the sprinting reps will force the heart and lungs to oxygenate more muscle fibre. This means that athletes will comprehensively condition the aerobic and anaerobic processes of the heart.
  4. Since athletic performance in most sprinting sports can be significantly improved by increasing drive-phase performance, the S-Force protocols continually place athletes in ideal acceleration position.
  5. Since the main role of the middle-ear is to keep human beings from falling, the sprint reps in the acceleration position progressively reduce the impact of “middle-ear brakes” that cause athletes to run too upright and take more steps than necessary.
  6. The hormonal response to the S-Force protocols accomplishes the results of the Matrix-exclusive Sprint 8 program, which two hospital-based studies have shown to increase exercise-induced human growth hormone, significantly enhancing the ability to build muscle and burn fat.
  7. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) produced by the mitochondria in the muscle cells provides enhanced endurance and energy levels for training, practice and competition. New research shows the best way to increase the number of muscle-cell mitochondria is fast-twitch muscle fibre sprint cardio training.


Our scientifically validated Sprint 8 program takes HIIT training to the next level to maximise the release of natural human growth hormone, helping athletes burn fat and build muscle at an unprecedented rate.

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See the S-Force in action here.
Our next install of protocols next week:

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