What food & drinks will help you train healthy:

What food & drinks will help you train?

Matt Gleed, Lead Master Trainer for Matrix Fitness UK and Fitness expert gives his top tips on what food and drinks help you to stay healthy and help you train.

Often food looks very different from years ago and the consequences can be huge – due to intensive farming methods, pesticides, additives and preservatives. Fruit is picked unripe so the normal nutritional value is varied from years ago. Vegetables are lacking in minerals as much of the land today is over worked and the soil cannot replenish itself.

We are consuming large amounts of additives and refined sugars. Processed foods and chemical additives have upset our entire body chemistry resulting in food sensitivities. These chemicals trigger a cascade of allergic symptoms that can affect the respiratory system and the skin and can contribute to various conditions such as asthma, eczema and arthritis.

Food & drink gives us energy and makes us function, it builds the body and repairs it. When nourished properly, it helps destroy invading agents and removes toxins. However, if it is denied of the most essential nutrients, it becomes weak and inefficient, leaving the body vulnerable to attack.

The nutrients we need include; proteins, fat, carbohydrates, amino acid, vitamins and minerals; all are required for health and body maintenance. Dr. Max Gerson, cancer researcher and one of highest regarded medical researchers found that some of the underlying problems of all cancer patients are toxicity and deficiency.Some of his findings conclude to the fastest way to restore health is to stop putting into the body the food that can harm it.

When we supply the body with proper nutrients, it knows how to repair and rebuild itself. The body has the inherent ability to heal itself and ward off disease when nutrition is corrected.

The major benefits of good nutrients include…

• More energy

• Increased vitality

• Emotional moods stabilised

• Clearer thinking

• Better sleep

• Less cravings

• Longer life

Top Foods to consume are:

1. Fish

2. Sweet potato

3. Avocado

4. Blueberries

5. Eggs

So look for the organic foods and the fresh sources and just maybe look for the funny shaped foods and are farmed not formed.

Top Drinks to keep you hydrated and focused are:

1. Water

2. Green tea

3. Beetroot juice

4. Fruit & veg smoothies

5. Ginger shots

Drink 2 litres of water and at least one more of these a day too.

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