High Octane Ride Features in BBC Programme “The Truth About Getting Fit”


BBC1, 8PM, 31ST JANUARY 2018

High Octane Ride, exclusively distributed by Matrix Fitness will feature in ‘The Truth About Getting Fit’ on BBC1 at 8pm tonight.

Michael Mosley is teaming up with the scientists who are turning what we know about fitness on its head. The programme will investigate how new science is giving us some of the easiest and effective ways to get the benefits of exercise.

In Sheffield they test whether walking 10,000 steps is really the best way to walk yourself to fitness – or if doing short 10 minute brisk walks might be an easier and more effective method. With the help of top exercise scientists he installs a bike in a busy London office to test whether office workers can get fit by doing just 2 minutes of intense exercise a week. In Coventry he meets cognitive scientists who reveal that the best exercise for the brain – as well as the body – could be dancing. He joins strength experts in Glasgow to do a 6-week experiment comparing the effects of heavy versus light weights on building muscle, with surprising results. In Loughborough he meets a sports psychologist to learn a way to finally stick to his fitness plans.

In an experiment that has never been done before, he discovers that the so-called ‘runners’ high’ is caused by a chemical similar to illegal drugs. And Michael puts his own excuses to the test when he discovers out that running might not be so bad for his joints after all.

This programme will change the way you think about exercise – and might just make you fitter.

Executive Producer: Paul Overton

Producer/Directors: Kate Pringle, Emma Hatherley

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