Matrix Fitness Redefines Athletic Training and HIIT with S-Force

Matrix Fitness – one of the world’s fastest-growing commercial fitness brands, is set to launch an entirely new cardio & HIIT modality called the S-Force Performance Trainer. The unique design of this new product will change both athletic training and the way fitness facility members experience high-intensity interval training in circuits, small group training and on the cardio floor.

“We know that high school and college coaches are always trying to improve their athletes’ acceleration,” said Peter Sell, Director of Product-Commercial, at Johnson Health Tech, parent company of Matrix Fitness. “At the same time, we thought we could do more with high-intensity interval training, both in group environments and as a stand-alone workout. The unique design of S-Force fit really well in a space where we could address both athletics and HIIT.”

Exclusive to Matrix Fitness, S-Force Performance Trainer leverages intelligent biomechanics to create a rigorous exercise experience. As users move through a user-defined path that fits their individual stride, the magnetic system automatically increases resistance the harder they work. This progressive design means that each workout will challenge everyone who steps on S-Force, from beginners to HIIT enthusiasts and even elite athletes. Low-impact movement patterns help protect joints, and the cord-free design means that S-Force can be placed wherever it works best for each facility.

“S-Force can help athletes improve their speed and power in significantly less training time,” said Phil Campbell, a certified trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine and respected author of Sprint 8 Cardio Protocol and Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness. “The progressive design and the two active positions really make a difference when it comes to building fast-twitch muscle fibre, and that’s the key to more explosive starts.”

Matrix also commissioned an in-depth study by a professional biomechanics consultant to authenticate the benefits of S-Force. Leveraging scientifically validated testing procedures; the consultant confirmed that by providing two active positions and multiple levels of magnetic resistance, S-Force can help users augment the muscles essential to explosive acceleration. The upright position targets the calves and hamstrings, while the acceleration position focuses on the shins and quads. Additionally, increasing magnetic resistance increases muscle activation and builds strength in the shin, calf and hamstring muscles, with the increase in muscle activation proportionate to the level of magnetic resistance.

“We’re extremely excited about the potential of the S-Force,” added Peter Sell. “When you can serve two groups important to your business with one product, you know your design has really found the sweet spot.”

For more information about S-Force Performance Trainer, please visit matrixfitness.co.uk

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