Matrix and Xercise4Less – Helping a local boy to walk again

Matrix Fitness and Xercise4Less Hartlepool Supports Local Boy’s Operation Recovery

Xercise4Less Hartlepool continue to support local schoolboy Alfie Smith in his journey to walking independently, this time by partnering with Matrix Fitness. Alfie’s family have been provided with a state of the art treadmill from Matrix to assist in his physiotherapy program.

Nine year old Alfie was born with cerebral palsy, a debilitating disease that affects movement of his arms and legs, and has prevented him from ever walking unassisted. In March of this year Alfie underwent selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR), a life-changing operation designed to permanently reduce spasticity in the body. This operation provides him with the best possible chance of one day functioning independently.

The surgery, which was a success, is the first step in Alfie’s journey towards one day walking unassisted and pain free; however, there is extensive work to be done post-surgery to help his body become strong enough to one day walk alone.

The state of the art treadmill, donated to Alfie’s family by Matrix Fitness – suppliers to Xercise4Less Hartlepool will help to make life significantly easier whilst he undergoes an intensive physiotherapy program designed to help him relearn muscle control and movement.

“We are happy to be able to help the family of this brave young boy in any way we can”, commented Xercise4Less Hartlepool General Manager Karen Williamson.

“Our members have supported Alfie’s journey and fundraising efforts in the lead up to his surgery and it feels only fitting that we continue to do so as he progresses into this next phase of recovery.”

Gregg Rumble, spokesperson for Matrix Fitness echoed these sentiments saying “When we were made aware of Alfie’s story we were eager to help in any way possible.”

“We hope that the treadmill we have provided, and customised to Alfie’s frame, will be of some help to the family as he continues his physiotherapy.”

To find out more and to follow Alfie’s journey please visit www.helpalfiewalk.co.uk