Education-Elite athlete’s take on Matrix Technology.

Matrix Fitness will be focusing on Education this month and as we are sponsoring this year’s BUCS conference that starts tomorrow, we thought we would share what some of our Education partners think about Matrix.

Staffordshire University student, Nikkisha Bailey talks about her passion for karate and how the Matrix equipment and technology at Sir Stanley Matthews Sports Centre helps to increase her fitness and performance levels.

Here’s what Nikkisha had to say…

  1. How does the new facility at SSMSC contribute to your student experience?

The new facility at SSMSC contributes to my education lifestyle, especially when I feel overwhelmed or stressed. The technology in the 7xi treadmill is out of this world as well as the 7xi upright cycle which is also great too – I can charge my phone while working out, keep in touch with social media as well as watch my old time favourite program, Emmerdale while blowing off some steam. Having said that, the facility at SSMSC is always clean and well maintained, this makes the Matrix equipment stand out in comparison to any other equipment I’ve used before.

  • What is your perception of the Matrix brand after having access to the new facility at Staffordshire University?

When I use Matrix equipment I almost feel professional, perhaps strange as I’m an elite athlete but the equipment and technology makes me feel like the best that I can be when I look at my performance gains and technique. My confidence and self-esteem has improved greatly since using the facility.

  • Is there any piece of kit (more than one if applicable) that has been instrumental in improving your performance as an athlete?

The Aura Smith Machine. Within the karate industry, most of your power comes from your legs therefore this piece of kit really works for my training. In Karate, the ability to drive power forward especially with a low stance whilst adding speed to any technique becomes tiring. So, doing squats/ different lunges with the weights at 55-60kg really helped to build back the strength I lost in my legs after a twisted knee injury. As they say in karate ‘train low to fight high’

  • Who is your role model and why?

If I had to pick one role model it would be Yildiz Aras (Turkish female fighter), she has always been my all-time favourite female fighter, the way she used to move was impeccable. No one could compare to her speed, strength and spirit. She has won countless European/ World Championships as well as World games/cup and to top it off university games. She’s now a coach and it’s amazing to still see the passion and desire she has in her eyes when she’s coaching the Turkish team. A moment I will cherish forever is when she stopped me in Germany just after I had won the junior girls 16-17 +59kg and said, ‘You are an amazing fighter keep doing what you’re doing’, till this very day I remember that moment like it was yesterday…

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