Matrix Certified Remanufactured Equipment

Give your gym a new lease of life with Matrix Certified Remanufactured equipment…

Member retention and attracting new customers is the name of the game for the gym owner: it’s what keeps you in business.

So keeping your members happy and exploring new ways to enhance the customer’s fitness experience is key.

When choosing a gym, the customer will look for a facility that will fit their unique personality and motivate them to return regularly in pursuit of their fitness goals. As well as location, opening hours, cost of membership, staff and classes and facilities available, one of the top considerations is the kit – its age and what it can do for them.

If your facility’s looking a little tired and in need of an energy boost, consider replenishing it with some more up-to-date kit, to offer your customers a wider variety of machines to choose from.

Matrix Fitness – in association with ServiceSport UK – is now providing quality-assured, certified remanufactured fitness equipment to gym facilities and health clubs across the UK, at a price to suit you.

All remanufactured products come with a two-year warranty and 80% brand new parts.

Who is ServiceSport?

ServiceSport’s intensive remanufacturing process offers an affordable alternative to buying new equipment, whilst retaining the look and feel of brand new apparatus.

ServiceSport is the ONLY company in the world to have been approved by the original manufacturers and so by definition, the ONLY company in the world who can supply remanufactured fitness equipment.

ServiceSport is driving positive, sustainable change through their advanced innovative remanufacturing processes throughout the UK and Europe,.

ServiceSport is the market leader in remanufacturing technology. They recycle 97% of components annually. Central to their business is returning end-of-first-life products, components and parts to same-as-new condition.

What does ‘remanufactured’ mean?

The definition of Remanufacturing within the context of the Fitness Industry is:

“The rebuilding of a product to the specifications of the original manufactured product using a combination of new and repaired parts from the original manufacturer and using processes approved by the original manufacturer.”

Once a product enters ServiceSport’s dedicated 25,000 sqft remanufacturing facility, it is broken down to the smallest part. Items are stripped down and deep cleaned, with some parts being replaced, before being rebuilt and put through strict diagnostic checks.

The product frame is shot blasted to remove its existing paintwork and any rust, and repaired if necessary. It is then re-powder coated in a colour of the customer’s choice.

ServiceSport parts are remanufactured to strict quality standards, offer like-new performance and carry an industry-leading two-year warranty.

These industry-leading remanufacturing techniques make it possible for ServiceSport remanufacturing to return otherwise unusable components to the latest performance specifications – a key differentiator when looking at ServiceSport remanufacturing versus the competition.

What people say about remanufactured products with ServiceSport…

For years I believed I knew who ServiceSport were and what they provided – one of many independent service providers.

Recently I visited their head office in Chorley and this totally changed my perception. The set up that ServiceSport has in terms of staff, facilities and expertise is unrivalled in the UK.

I would recommend to anyone that you take a look for yourself.

Paul Ramsey, Group Operations Director. 3D Leisure

Matrix Fitness manufactures industry leading products. 
For our brand’s second life it was important that we partnered with someone who could maintain the quality and mirror the uniqueness of our manufacturing processes.

 In ServiceSport we have a partner who are proven to do just that.

Jon Johnston, Managing Director, Matrix Fitness UK

Nuffield senior team has a close working relationship with ServiceSport who provide us with a solution that gives us the confidence to run our clubs effectively.

Through recent acquisitions and expansion, we have products from all of the major manufacturers that are serviced by ServiceSport under KPIs. Their asset management allows Nuffield to make decisions on which equipment is being used within a location and where we can relocate any equipment being underutilised.

ServiceSport Refresh allows us to get a greater return on investment than was previously possible.

Rick Crawford, Fitness Director. Nuffield Health

For more information, visit ServiceSport or contact on 08453 884 662. Alternatively, contact Matrix Fitness on 01782 644900.

* Current stock available is from the Matrix Cardio 5x series.

**The images shown are not a true representation. Model, specification and age of products available may vary.