London School of Economics Students’ Union (LSESU) is soon to unveil a newly refurbed fitness centre in June this year, including the latest innovations that fitness has to offer from Matrix Fitness to provide students and staff with an enhanced fitness experience on campus.

Grace Clarke, Sport and Recreational Manager at LSESU explains: “We knew our fitness equipment needed an upgrade, and we were keen to integrate the latest in technology to provide our students and staff with a fully connected, wrap-around fitness experience.”

“Matrix Fitness stood out from the crowd. From the installation of their brand-new cardio range through, the amazing job they did helping us to create an innovative, functional training area through to the advanced digital features which has taken our gym to the next level.”

The installation includes the new Endurance Series cardio equipment from Matrix which includes treadmills, climbmills, steppers, suspension ellipticals as well as upright and recumbent cycles. With streamlined new designs and the latest digital solutions, the Endurance Series provides the user with a fully connected workout experience.

Integrated into the installation plans, is a brand-new functional training room which incorporates Matrix Connexus; a complete freestanding system with multiple training stations, the advanced Matrix CXP Target Training Cycles which include a unique display and LED colour wrap to help members maintain efforts, as well as the Matrix Ultra and Versa pin loaded strength equipment.

“The Matrix Fitness team was supportive throughout and responded quickly to all of our needs,” Clarke adds. “They really helped bring our vision to life, as well as offering valuable insight along the way. With their support, we have been able to futureproof the Universities fitness offering.”

Tony Vaughan, Sales Manager – Education at Matrix Fitness comments: “This project required a major focus on how we, Matrix, could support LSE as a whole. It wasn’t just about a gym installation, it was about helping the team innovate and upgrade their facilities in line with wider renovations throughout the whole University in order to provide a higher level of connectivity, inclusivity and diversity to all staff and students.”

“At Matrix Fitness, we like to take on partnerships, providing guidance and expertise in any aspect we can, from the initial design to the day the doors are open. We really look forward to the launch of this incredible new gym and supporting the LSESU team in an ongoing capacity.”

To find out more about how Matrix Fitness can transform your fitness offering, visit www.matrixfitness.co.uk