In support of MH1, a new mental health project specifically designed for the fitness industry by Graeme Hinde, founder of the LFX Network, Matrix Fitness have pledged their collaboration and funding to ensure this important issue is highlighted and remains in the spotlight moving forwards.

Created to support those people working in the fitness industry, from CEO’s through to self-employed coaches and personal trainers, MH1 will initially comprise of three main elements.

These will include a new Mental Health PARQ (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire), a suite of free campaign materials and two supportive communities, on Facebook and LinkedIn to provide a safe space for members to share ideas, thoughts and resources.

On the concept of MH1, Graeme Hinde explains. “I am very proud to announce the creation of something I believe the fitness industry has needed for some considerable time.”

“Everything we do in terms of physical fitness starts and ends in our minds. The impact of exercise on mental health is used regularly as a bullet point of positives, but it’s much bigger than that. Thanks to the funding support from Matrix Fitness, we can ensure that this is a lasting initiative, not just a one-off campaign.”

In particular, the new Mental Health PARQ (MHPARQ) is currently under development with the NHS and the process is being closely managed by Lynne Briggs, Head of Academy at LFX.

“Lynne understands our industry and the current education available around mental wellbeing.” Hinde adds. “The final version of the Mental Health PARQ will also include guidance notes, useful tips and tools and will be made free to all.”

The MH1 communities and project assets will be developed in time for January 2021, with the MH PARQ following in Spring 2021 in the hope that by January 2022 it will have been adopted by all operators across the industry.

Matthew Pengelly, Managing Director of Matrix Fitness UK adds: “We’re doing what we can right now, in partnership with Graeme, to offer mental health training, support and advice to frontline staff and those that need it most.

“Ultimately the plan is for the industry to have a resource that informs and educates, thus raising the standards in the important area of mental health and wellbeing. Everyone who has been a part of the MH1 journey is keen to see the whole industry embrace the platform, links and resources in a collaborative way. We are all in this together, and together we are stronger.”

To find out more please contact graeme@mylfx.com