Wigan Warriors are a Club with the proudest tradition in the sport of Rugby League having won the league 22 times, the Challenge Cup on 19 occasions and being crowned World Club Champions four times.

Matrix Fitness has been a proud partner of the team for over five years, providing fitness equipment for the Club’s world-class training facility. 

Paul Johnson, Wigan Warriors Head of Strength and Conditioning, comments: “Matrix have been really accommodating throughout the course of the partnership and have always catered exactly to our needs. They have fitted out gym twice now and their service has always been first-class.”

With the partnership newly renewed for a further five years, and as part of the Club’s move to a new world-class facility at Robin Park Arena, the training centre, offices and community operations will be united on one adjacent site to the DW Stadium. 

The new gym facility is much bigger and includes an increase in the variety of fitness equipment on offer, allowing the coaches more flexibility and versatility when planning sessions. For strength and conditioning work, there are four Magnum series mega racks, two Magnum half racks with cables and several Magnum posterior chain machines. There are also isolated Aura stack machines, free weights, treadmills and bikes from the 7xi range, S-drive, S-force and Matrix rowers. 

Johnson continues, “We’re really pleased with the gym; I think it is on par with any of the facilities I’ve seen in professional sport. The equipment is used consistently throughout the season. In pre-season we’re doing around eight resistance sessions a week so the kit can really take a hammering – another reason we need to rely on the quality and durability that Matrix offer. Through the season, we average around three resistance sessions a week but the gym is also key for rehabilitation purposes.”

Ahead of a Friday night game, players use the gym predominantly on Mondays and Tuesdays, ahead of a Friday night game. The sessions are split through the season to give the players some variety. Wednesday is usually a ‘rest’ day whilst Thursday will comprise prehab in the gym followed by a light field session to prepare the team for the match itself. 

When discussing the team’s training, Johnson adds: “The guys absolutely love the bench press! It’s spring-loaded system bounces back when you take the bar off and they like to call it the ‘Main Stage’ of the gym, it’s where they get competitive, both in terms of challenging each other but most of all to keep bettering themselves.”

Julian Taylor, Marketing Director at Matrix Fitness adds: “Fitness is obviously key to the success of any sporting team so we’re hopeful that the new facility will provide the Wigan Warriors with a strong platform to continue to win trophies. We’re proud to partner with a club that prides itself on always striving to be better and hope that they’re new, world-class facility will give them the opportunity to do just that.”

To find out more about Wigan Warriors visit www.wiganwarriors.com or to learn about how Matrix Fitness can transform your fitness experience visit www.matrixfitness.com/en