PRESS RELEASE New Training Cycles from Matrix

New Training Cycles from Matrix Combine Precision Engineering and Colour to Energise Cycling Classes
Matrix Fitness is set to rejuvenate indoor cycling classes everywhere with a collection of Training Cycles that feature advanced engineering, enhanced comfort, streamlined service, original programming and the option to completely redefine the cycling experience with a new kind of Target Training Display.
The new series — which includes the CXC Training Cycle, CXM Training Cycle and CXP Target Training Cycle — appeals to both cycling enthusiasts and club members looking for a unique group exercise experience, helping club owners fill more cycling classes on their facility calendar.
“It’s important that our customers have options that suit their needs,”said Becky Jalbert, global product
manager, personal and group training for Matrix.  “They can select the CXC for the feel of a real outdoor ride, step up to the CXM for enhanced metric tracking or choose the CXP for a colourful Target Training Display that injects camaraderie and competition in to every cycling session.”
Series Highlights:
Advanced engineering including a narrow Q-factor to optimise the position of the hips, knees and feet,
plus a rear flywheel featuring a low-maintenance, well-protected design and magnetic resistance for
smooth, consistent adjustments.
Intuitive adjustments including four-way fine-tuning with quick-touch operation, easy seat tilt and a
contoured lever near the handlebars that provides tactile feedback for quick resistance changes.
Refined touch points including a seat sculpted to relieve pressure, comfortable multi-position handlebars with an integrated water bottle holder and forged steel cranks and pedals with redesigned toe cages and quick-adjust straps (pedal upgrade for CXP only).
Service conveniences including quick-release service panels, easily removable pedal cranks and clearly
identifiable internal components that make maintaining the cycles easy, even in heavy-use facilities
and group exercise areas crowded with tight rows.
Original programming for the CXM and CXP including a live workshop, an educational manual, turnkey lesson plans, an optional training app and more, giving trainers everything they need to
lead a cycling class that engages a wider range of members by focusing on meaningful metrics – including watts, heart rate, RPMs, distance and calories.
What sets the premium CXP Target Training Cycle apart from the rest of the series is a distinctive Target
Training Display that uses engaging graphics and vibrant colours to motivate riders, gauge effort and keep
everyone on track for their goals. Integrated testing establishes personalised targets, so instructors can
seat elite cyclists next to deconditioned users and first-time participants and be sure that everyone will get
a workout that challenges them to make measureable progress. Three vibrant colours express each rider’s
level of effort relative to their personalised metric target, and trainers can intuitively guide members through different phases of their ride, from warm-up to a steady pace to threshold intervals and back to cool-down.
“When you combine these dynamic cycles with our original programming, you really have something
special,” said Steve Barrett, director of global group education and training for Matrix. “Best of all, you
can always keep your cycling classes fresh by holding sessions that focus on different metrics, and that’s
sure to keep your riders coming back for more.”
The new Matrix Training Cycles were launched at IHRSA in the spring of 2018 and FIBO last week, and their ability to appeal to both cycling enthusiasts and those looking for a unique group exercise experience is expected to make the cycles popular with fitness facilities of all sizes.
For more information about Matrix Training Cycles, visit matrixfitness.co.uk or see the first CXP video here.