Sprint 8 Training Guide – all exercise is not created equal.


To change your body, you have to trim fat and build muscle. That is never an easy task, and it gets harder as we get older. Muscle mass naturally decreases and body fat increases as part of the aging process. Fortunately, you can slow down, stop or even reverse that trend when you use the same training tools that athletes employ. When you train like athletes do, you will not only transform your body, but you will also grow much healthier in the process. Plus, you can accomplish this radical change in your body at any age, and you can do it in as little as 20 minutes a day, 3 days per week.


This kind of radical transformation takes more than exercise. It takes the right exercise. And it can’t be slow.

One of the main reasons that people fail to reduce fat and build muscle is that they take a slow approach. They don’t purposely set out to take a drawn-out route, but they end up doing just that by following a conventional exercise program. For example, the average person turns to jogging or some other moderately paced exercise to lose weight. That can work, but it takes quite a while. When the weight-loss process is long and slow, people typically become discouraged and quit after just a few months. That’s not enough time to really change your body, and you will likely – and quickly – gain back any weight you lost.


It is possible to accomplish more. The Sprint 8® program delivers better results in less time and with fewer workouts than you would expect. It is the exclusive, science-based regimen that uses intensity to optimise the effort you put in.

Everyone can improve their results by adding intensity to workout regimes because intense training triggers a response in the body that melts fat and encourages muscle growth. Intense exercise is not easy, but it is incredibly efficient. It allows you to pack the most productivity into the least amount of time. The trick, of course, is doing it right so that you get the most from the effort you put in.

The Sprint 8 workout is an optimised intensity-based training program that allows you to build muscle and burn fat quickly and effectively. When you follow the Sprint 8 program, you will see a big change in a small amount of time regardless of your age. This approach is nothing short of radical. It will not only transform your body; it will also improve your health.


As unlikely as it may seem, it is possible to realise significant benefits in a 20-minute workout. If you have 20 minutes, you can perform the Sprint 8 workout and spark the change in your body that you want to see. Virtually everyone can find 20 minutes in a day to do something – especially if that something is improving your health, fighting aging, trimming fat and building a leaner, meaner and better-looking body.


Unlike slow and moderate training, intense training stimulates the natural release of human growth hormone (HGH). That is what it makes it so effective. While intensity offers many benefits, including a higher caloric burn rate, it is this natural stimulation of human growth hormone that is most significant. Elevated levels of human growth hormone are associated with increased lean muscle mass, decreased body fat and higher energy2,3.

The Sprint 8 training routine is scientifically proven to stimulate the release
of natural growth hormone and trigger dramatic physical transformations in average people. When compared to a pre-Sprint 8 level, the results are astonishing. One study indicated a 771% increase in growth-hormone levels from a pre-Sprint 8 baseline to post-Sprint 8 levels 4. In practical terms, this means that after 8 weeks of completing the Sprint 8 workout 3 times per week, the same participants had significantly reduced their body fat and lowered their “bad” cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides. You can do it, too!


Body Fat -27%

Cholestrol – 28%

Triglycerides -31%

LDL -23%


All exercise is beneficial for the body, but not all exercise has a significant impact on growth hormone release. In order to strongly stimulate growth hormone response, a workout has to be intense. The flip side is that intense training, by its very nature, is very short. You get your workouts over with quickly and you also get to the reward (more muscle, less fat) more quickly. In our busy society, those are huge advantages.

Traditional exercise, such as going out for a jog or taking a long walk, will burn calories but won’t generate significant growth hormone production. Neither will pumping a few moderate dumbbells. That’s why people who just rely on jogging or a similar activity often fall short of reaching their full potential. The type of training required to trigger the natural release of growth hormone is a specific formula of intensity and rest. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do any calculations to make sure you’re maximizing your results. It is all pre-programmed for you and available at the touch of a button in the Sprint 8 workout.

To see the full Sprint 8 training guide – visit the learning centre here.


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