Top 10 tips to keep fit after 40 with Matrix Master Trainer

Fit after 40…

Matrix Master Trainer Matt Gleed gives his top 10 tips to keep fit after the age of 40.

For many people, the big 40 triggers thoughts about ageing. And although changes in our body occur throughout our lives, with the right mindset and exercise routine, you can feel as good in your 40s as you did in your 20s.

Here are some top tips to keep you fighting fit after 40:

  1. Set a time in your diary

Setting a time means you’ve committed. You’re less likely to overlook your workout for another activity if you’ve pencilled it in. And setting a regular time or day to train, will help you build your activity into your life as a maintained routine.

  1. Invest in clothing

This isn’t about having all the gear. This is about confidence and comfort. If you’re starting to workout again, you want to feel good in what you’re wearing, this will boost your confidence and if you choose dri-fit, moisture-wicking fibres, you’ll be more comfortable while you train. For example, don’t just pull out your old 5-a-side kit, or the old baggy t-shirts.

  1. Lift weights

Gone are the days of fears around weight training and assuming it will just ‘bulk’ you up. Weight training is hugely beneficial, for both men and women, of all ages. As well as improving strength, training with weights improves bone density and helps manage weight. It also increases the strength of connective tissue, muscles and tendons and helps improves your quality of life.

  1. Try group exercise

Group exercise is as good for social reasons as it is for health benefits. It will also keep you in a routine, training at set times, and you’ll be motivated to stick with it if you get to know the other regulars in a group.

  1. Challenge a friend to keep focus

Telling a friend your fitness goals instantly makes you more motivated to see them through. Why not encourage friends and family to join you. Workout buddies are a fantastic way to stay motivated and ensure you enjoy your fitness journey, rather than suffer through it alone.

  1. Keep a set of gym clothes in your car

Life is busy and time is short. As much as you may try to stick to a training routine, life does get in the way sometimes. So, it’s a good idea to keep some kit in the car, so that when the opportunities arise, you can jump on them and squeeze in an unexpected, but excellent workout. Perhaps your flight is delayed, you’re doing the kid’s party pickup or you have downtime between meetings – give it a try.

  1. Get a fitness tracker

Seeing the numbers as you improve is so important. Invest in a fitness tracker or watch that will track your steps and activity data. Based on the activities you like to do, you’ll be able to match a tracker to suit you.

  1. Hire a Personal Trainer

Personal Trainers are experts. Yes, there’s a cost involved, but they will match the right exercises to you, for what you want to achieve and the goals you want to reach. They will provide you with some guidance and expert advice so that you’re not wasting your time at the gym doing the wrong movements, exercises or workouts.

  1. Cut down on the alcohol

Cutting back on alcohol will lower your blood pressure, reduce your calorie intake and help improve your focus.

  1. Take it home

Take what you learn in the gym back to your home environment. Home workouts are easy and accessible, you can even use everyday household items if you don’t want to install a gym in the living room. Abs workouts, pull-ups and press ups, yoga routines and TRX bodyweight workouts are great ways to ensure you get a full body workout from the comfort of your own home.

For more exercise tips and guidance visit the Matrix Learning Centre.