S-Drive Performance Trainer – Tips from Master Trainer

The S-Drive Performance Trainer treadmill, combines a self-powered treadmill, weighted sled, resistance parachute and harness system, and turnkey programming makes it easy to integrate into athletic performance training or group circuit training.

Our group training programming demonstrates how to add the S-Drive into small or large circuits for a unique, full-body workout that improves both cardiovascular and muscular fitness.

Here Matrix Master Trainer – Charlotte Roberts, gives her tips on how to get the most out of the S-Drive Performance Trainer:

 1. Ensure you have the correct setting for a sprint (harness attached) and use right hand side lever for resistance. For your sled/resistance work detach and safely store harness out of the way and use the left hand side lever to add/reduce intensity.

2. Always practice good form dependence when using the S-Drive. That is, as soon as the skill of the movement breaks down, stop… Never push beyond good technique. Author & Founder of the Sprint 8 training protocol Phil Campbell talks of the Pocket to Chin Drive with your arms whilst sprinting (see links below for more detail).  Remember it’s a short burst activity, if you are following the sprint 8 protocol correctly, your work time is 30 seconds. With a 7 degree fixed Incline the user would run in a lighter sprint style with a forefoot run, rather than a heel strike says Author of the HITT Training Bible, Steve Barrett.

3. Make sure you have sufficient active recovery between sets, suggested rest is 90 seconds for Sprint 8 protocols.

4. Be ready to adapt, if a client needs longer to recover, take that time. Heart rate recovery time is a good way to judge this, as is the good old fashioned talk test and RPE scale.

5. Build your clients base fitness, if you want to complete the Sprint 8, build your intervals, so on session 1 you may complete 2 rounds of the 8, and work up with time as fitness and recovery improves.

For beginners to HITT training & running you could try the Intervals on the bike and cross trainer first.


S-Drive   http://www.matrixlearningcenter.com/s-drive/

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