Staffs Uni elite athlete’s take on Matrix Fitness

As part of our ongoing education focus, elite athlete – Tash Crump from Staffordshire University who plays American Football and has recently got into the GB development programme, talks about the new Matrix facility at Sir Stanley Matthews Sports Academy.

  1. How has the new facility at Sir Stanley Matthews Sports Academy contributed to your ‘student experience’?

The new Matrix equipment has helped massively with my S&C sessions here at the SSMSC. Due to all the new equipment, there’s more range and variety, which means we can do more in our sessions. There’s no waiting around for certain pieces of equipment, like the squat racks, as there’s more equipment availability.

  1. What is your perception of the Matrix brand after having access to the new facility at Staffs Uni?

It’s a great brand that has helped elite students to become more active at Staffs due to the quality of the equipment. The equipment is world class. It has helped myself and others push ourselves to become the best athletes possible.

  1. Is there any piece of kit (more than one if applicable) that has been instrumental in improving your performance as an athlete?  

The squat racks mainly. For my sport, all the power comes from my legs and glutes with explosive movements. Improving my squats and building my lower body strength, the racks have been a key piece in my workouts.

4. What are the challenges that you face in your sport and how do you overcome them?

Being a girl in a male dominated sport, it’s difficult, but also being 5”1 and 9 stone, playing against men double my size and being hit by them, that’s one of the biggest hurdles. Taking the hits and being strong enough to get straight back up again. All I do is compete though, I prove to myself and the team that I’m strong enough to play alongside them, that I can take the hits, get back up again and carry on. Injuries are a big issue in this sport, but once again, it’s having that mentality to take a step back, recover, go to rehab and come back stronger.

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