Steve Barrett’s (Director of Global Training Education) take on MX4.

Steve Barrett the Director of Global Training Education for Johnson health Tech, discusses the new Matrix Group Training Solution – MX4

So, what is MX4?

MX4 comprises two main components – a COMBINATION of at least two different modalities of Matrix-exclusive equipment AND original programming led by a trained MX4 coach.

MX4 combines best-in-class training tools with exciting workouts, in a revolutionary new way. No matter what age or ability you are and whether you’re striving to drop a few pounds, improve athleticism or just build a better body the Mx4 will inspire and get results.

Matrix-exclusive products featured in the MX4 Training System include the Connexus Functional Training System, Rower, S-Drive Performance Trainer and Krankcycle. Matrix has also teamed up with a select group of world-renowned functional train innovators to offer the very best in functional training accessories.

Steve Barrett explains:

“Its clever programming incorporates  the four pillars of fitness – Power, Cardio, Strength and Endurance – into every session. MX4 is unique in that it’s the only group training programme that has an entire year of workouts designed from day one. 156 MX4 pre-planned ready-to-go group training sessions created for the PT, releasing them from the lengthy task of creating their own sessions, so they can focus on quality interactions with their members. By incorporating a system of undulating periodisation, MX4 programming can be delivered in a group ex environment without the need for a specific start/finish date meaning people can join MX4 sessions at any time and slide straight in to the workouts. 

MX4 is pre-planned and is the only programme I have seen which has an entire year of programming workouts designed from day one. Why is this important?  Well, if you create sessions in isolation or ad-hock, the chances are they will either have a narrower, less specific set of outcomes than a system that has been planned and formulated around a specific set of goals and significant timeline or worse, pose no actual benefit to the gym member whatsover.” 

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