Connected Solutions to enhance your fitness experience…

Rob Knox 0374Rob Knox, Product Director at Matrix Fitness UK, talks about Matrix’s Connected Solutions and how they can enhance the training experience for the gym member, whilst ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of any fitness facility…


TECHNOLOGY is a huge area of innovation, focus, development and investment for us here at Matrix. Our offering is cardio-linked but comprises a host of easy-to-use integrated technology solutions linked to workouts both inside the gym and out.

The real value of our connected technology solutions is they save time and improve communications for gym owners, PTs and gym members.

Some members need a change of scenery to spice up their routine with our inspiring range of Virtual Active Workouts. For others, Bluetooth and WiFi can help find the right motivational song.

But it’s Matrix’s three key technology connected solutions – the Workout Tracking Network, Personal Trainer Portal, and Asset Management – that boost the gym owner’s offering and transform the member’s experience.

Our empowering new Workout Tracking Network (WTN) software – compatible with all Matrix Internet-connected products – enables members to collect, retrieve and link exercise data from their favourite fitness apps all in one place.


We are partnering with an ever-expanding number of connected apps used by members daily. Our WTN offers true flexibility, allowing the gym member to access social media platforms and syncronise data captured on popular apps and wearables using a single sign on to keep them engaged and motivated.

Gym users can then create personalised goals, participate in club and global challenges and cheer on friends through social feeds. And for the gym owner, the WTN app’s attractive, user-friendly interface can be customised to display their unique brand.

When purchased in addition to WTN, the Personal Trainer Portal (PTP), uniquely developed by Matrix, can offer gym staff and member so much more…

With PTP, trainers can guide, motivate and monitor member activity like never before, prescribing workouts and delivering feedback via equipment consoles, mobile devices and the web.

MX16_LIFESTYLE_TECH AMSTERDAM male hands holding ipad_close

Gym-users can access their personalised training programs through compatible consoles and mobile devices. They can even share data — like nutrition and daily activity — with trainers to maximise results.

The third key component of our connected solutions offering is Asset Management (AM), which offers usage patterns, reporting, facility communication and customisation, allowing the gym owner to drive their brand and key messages to their members, such as special offers and challenges.


It’s straightforward. Matrix Fitness’ connected solutions are designed to fit in with everyday life. They are easy to use and familiar to members, functioning in the same ways as phones and tablets. Designed to support health and wellness in the gym, and beyond.

The whole Matrix cardio offering now allows input, data capture, activity. Whether you need motivation, encouragement, guidance or support, Matrix’s connected solutions cater for all.