Rehabilitation and medical training equipment brought to you by Matrix

The Matrix International Show back in October 2016 saw the launch of SMARC on to the UK market – a new line of rehabilitation and medical equipment from PMHC in association with Matrix.

What’s more important than the quality of life that comes from movement?

Whether living independently or as part of an assisted living community, when people can maintain easy, comfortable functional movement, they can keep taking part in the activities of daily life.

We have an extensive offering of functional movement solutions, which includes equipment designed to meet the needs of medical and training specialists who understand just how important movement is to a healthy future.

As the distributor of SMARC (Synchronized Monitoring Analysis Recording Care), we’re proud to offer a collection of fitness products designed to improve quality of movement, and enhance every aspect of multi-planar movement — cardiovascular fitness, functional strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and agility.

All eight products in the series emphasise healthy movement patterns, precise EMS resistance and accurate real-time feedback to help refine form and motivate clients to keep going.

SMARC control training equipment can be tailored to a wide variety of training, therapy and rehabilitation practises.

The SMARC range is versatile, accessible and easy-to-use. It can motivate and challenge while building the mobility your clients need to maintain independence, self-respect and overall wellbeing.

For our ageing population, or those requiring specialised equipment to aid rehabilitation, their focus is not necessarily restricted to the amount of exercise, but the quality of motion and training. For many, muscle training is a necessity, but a degree of flexibility, good heart and lung tolerance, and even a sense of balance are all important to make life more convenient, increase the independence and quality of life.

Training with “SMARC”, users may experience enjoyable and effective training with no physical burden.

Breaking Barriers – an organisation providing specialised personal training, sports massage and sports therapy for rehabilitation and general fitness, based in Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire – is the first site in the UK to install and use the SMARC range with their clients.

Joe Harman, founder of Breaking Barriers and National InstructAbility Award Winner 2016, said: “I have benefited greatly from the SMARC product.

“It has enabled my clients post stroke to really obtain a better range of motion and helps with parts of neurological muscular activation.

“I could not recommend this line enough. It’s a great bit of kit within my clinic.”

Rob Knox, Product Director as Matrix Fitness UK, said: “Our SMARC range offers unique, precise performance measurements with qualified outcomes. Balancing effectiveness and efficiency with real-time synchronised feedback of movement.

“Be guided or prescribed to a better quality of life.

“So clever, but so easy to use.”

For more information, visit www.twpmhc.com. If you think our range of SMARC products could benefit your members, call us on 01782 644 900, or get in touch with your Matrix representative to discuss what the range could do for your facility.