Laura Macro Bath University – top 5 training tips

Laura Macro a Bath University student and Elite Lightweight Rowing champion was rewarded with a scholarship from Matrix Fitness.

She says:

“I was ecstatic when given the news! The financial support has been crucial to me this year and has enabled me to afford attending training camps, costly competitions such as Henley and also purchasing of key equipment such as a protective boat cover to prevent damage while travelling. Matrix also kindly gifted me with a set of super smart kit which I love; I’m often seen sporting the Matrix T-shirt in the gym for S&C sessions, it’s a firm favourite”

Laura Macro’s Key achievements

– British Rowing Indoor Championships 2016- Gold in both the 2000M and the 500m races for Lightweight Under 23 category.

-Gold medal at BUCS Regatta 2016 in the Intermediate Lightweight Single Scull.

– Won Henley Women’s Regatta 2017 in the Open Women’s Double Scull, with team mate Steph Clutterbuck

-Qualifying for Henley Royal Regatta 2017 in the Women’s Double Scull, also with Steph Clutterbuck

– Qualified for the European University Championships 2017 competing in the Open Women’s Double Scull with team mate Carlotta Broglia, as a lightweight crew. Placed 3rd in the B final.

– A win in the Elite Lightweight Single Sculls at Nottingham City Regatta, and a win in the Tier 4 Single Sculls at Metropolitan Regatta.

Here are Macro’s top 5 training tips

  1. Use breakfast to its full advantage, especially if you are training early. Make sure it will provide you with a good amount of energy – both quick release sugars to get you moving and some slow burning carbs to last throughout the morning.
  2. Take a bit of extra time to note down scores, weights and what you’ve achieved from training sessions. This helps keep track of progress and is helpful to refer to as something to aim for next time.
  3. In reference to the previous point, remember that scores aren’t the be all and end all. Although improvements are satisfying, don’t be demotivated if you have to take a step back for some time. There are countless outside factors that influence performance and it doesn’t mean you are no longer improving!
  4. Be smart with hydration. Keep a regular intake of fluid throughout the day and don’t be afraid to use electrolytes (or simply some squash and a pinch of salt in your drink)- for long, hard sessions, it works wonders when you start cramping up.
  5. Always allow adequate time to recover if you have been ill, injured or simply over tired. It isn’t a sign of weakness to have extra time off from training and going back to it too soon is only likely to cause you more issues in the long run.

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